Printing bags

A Colorfactory brand supplying printed promotional bags in cotton and other materials

Printing bags are a UK based supplier of custom printed bags in a range of quality materials.


Wide assortment of promotional products • assistance with the preparation of graphics for printing • standard and atypical screen printing • small
batches printing • custom bags • promotional bags and printing at favorable prices

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Promotional textiles – cotton promotional bags, sports bags and other products

Our product range includes branded promotional bags by Westford Mill, Jassz and other producers.
We offer hand and shoulder bags as well as promotional bags in different varieties and
colours. Apart from cotton bags our offering also includes jute bags and bags of nonwoven fabrics
in a wide selection of shapes and colors. You can also find popular sports bags in our product

Promotional textiles – cotton promotional bags, sports bags and other products
Production of custom bags

Production of custom bags

We offer custom tailoring of our cotton bags, which provides a wealth of product options. As
well as standard shaped bags, we can produce custom bags according to your exact specifications.
The shape, length of handles or size and depth of the bags we have available can be specially
customised for your requirements.

In order for our bags to have a larger carrying capacity we have heavier, more durable fabrics
available. The cloth bags we offer meet all requirements of processing quality, we have a wide
range of colours, which can be combined to create unique multi coloured bags.

Printing bags

Our promotional bags are produced with the print of a motif supplied by the customer. Screen
printing on bags gives a guarantee of durability even after frequent washing; colors permanently
retain their original tones. Our printing process is done either by spot colors or full-color
raster printing. Our standard promotional bags can be printed up to a size of 27 x 33 cm. For
more detailed information and requirements for preparation of print templates, please visit the
printing bags technology section on our website. Our custom made cloth bags allow full-bleed
printing up to their margins.