Printed Cotton Bags

A range of cotton and cloth bags available for custom printing

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Cotton Bags Printing

Our Cotton bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

The size of our standard and most popular model of cotton bag is 38 x 48 cm with a weight of 140 grams, however we have several larger and smaller bags available.

To see our full range of sizes, view our cotton bag product list (/products/cotton-bags/)

To order, just send us your design, along with the quantity, material, colour and size required and leave the rest to us (see below for further ordering information for our cotton bags)


Product price list for our promotional bags




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cotton and Cloth BAG Screen PRINTING

Screen printing is one of the best technologies available for printing on cotton fabric.

It allows both spot color printing and the printing of full-color motifs.

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The maximum size of printing we are able to offer on our standard sized cotton printed bags is 27 cm wide x 33 cm high.

From one print preparation we can simultaneously print on the bags and cotton backpacks without raising the cost.

Print Ordering Options

To view our pricing options, visit our price list page and to place an order, visit our contact us page.

To get started, send us a motif template for your design, and specify your requirements for single-sided or double-sided cotton bag printing, see the bottom of this page to view the file formats and requirements we accept for printing.

For full details on order requirements for our cotton bags, see the bottom of this page under the header “the following is needed for printing”.

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Fair Trade Cloth Bags


Some of our cloth bags are made from Fair Trade cotton, which ensures that the materials used are ethically sourced.

This contributes to sustainable manufacturing practices and gives a better deal to material producers in developing countries. 




Promotional Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are incredibly useful. Not only are they environment friendly, but they also help serve a variety of purposes. While cotton bags come in good use in packing of household goods, carrying groceries and even as totes for shopping, cotton bags also feature a multitude of colors and designs and they also look quite fashionable.

Given all these advantages, printed promotional cotton bags can really come in very handy to marketing purposes. They serve both as a cost effective as well as an eco-friendly way of putting out a brand in the eyes of the public. Widely used across both commercial and personal purposes, promotional cotton bags can easily help in branding of a product or a service. It is certainly no wonder that so many marketers make use of promotional cotton bags to promote themselves.

Promotional cotton bags which have a brand name or a logo printed on them and are designed creatively will surely be used more than once by a customer. While this definitely fosters more brand loyalty and awareness, it also attracts attention from other people. The best part about promotional cotton bags is that they can be created in a variety of colors and designs and they are incredibly cheap to produce. Promotional cotton bags can help reaching out to the masses on a larger level, without having to spend thousands on marketing.

If you need to promote your organization or brand, you must definitely look to make use of promotional cotton bags. These inexpensive bags can be printed in large volumes and you can hand them out to your customers and employees to effectively spread a message or promote a product. Do make sure to be creative in designing your promotional cotton bags and your customers will thank you for offering them something useful and fashionable. Get your promotional cotton bags printed today!

Take a look at our offers page for our current deals on cotton bags. 

Canvas bag printing

Did you know that canvas bags used to be made out of material from hemp? And you might never have guessed it, but hemp is a cannabis plant. The hemp fiber is taken out of the stem and is used for making think cloth such as canvas, ropes, etc. The modern kind however, is now made of either linen or cotton, but the light cotton kind. Although denim is categorized as cotton, it is the heavy or thick kind. Hence, they are lightweight and easy to carry around.
Creativity gave rise to what is now known as printed canvas bags. Just imagine the limitless possibilities of the designs that can be printed on these printed canvas bags and it’s hard not to get excited. We offer canvas bag printing at competitive rates. We especially offer great discounts on canvas bags wholesale deals that we have carefully and thoughtfully put together for the benefit of our customers. Our canvas bag printing services are handled by professionals who are knowledgeable in canvas bag printing technologies and best practices that produce high quality and durable custom canvas bags.
You may be in the business of selling canvas bags, or your business of the business you represent could be in need of custom canvas bags to market a brand or product, or even to use in charitable activities. Whatever the reason, these special made to order canvas bags with designs meaningful to you or to others will be well-received. They just happen to be very trendy and fashionable at the moment. Explore your design ideas. You can incorporate colors, sketches, and words into each and every bag depending on your needs. Just remember, for canvas bag printing we are the best choice. So come, contact us now for more details and be delighted. .

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